About Us

The North Shore Folkfest was founded in 1974 by one of North Vancouver’s most socially and politically active residents, Ms Stella Jo Dean. It was the first multicultural society in the Metro Vancouver area devoted to acknowledging its diversified cultures through the power of song, dance and performance. The North Shore Folkfest Society is a non-profit organization, and has continued to carry out its mission: to provide an unforgettable multicultural show that is free to all. Ensuring that everyone can participate in the joy and excitement that characterizes the Folkfest.

Every year, we provide the community with a wide array of talent, highlighting the beauty of cultural diversity. We have the honor of showcasing many local talented local performance art groups- ranging in a wide variety of cultures and age groups.

The North Shore Folkfest Society relies entirely on volunteers. They dedicate many hours and days, year on year, to plan for each annual Folkfest. As a non-profit organisation, the success of each year’s event is reliant on the generosity of our audience, sponsors, supporters and hardworking members - to carry out our mission to promote and celebrate the beauty of our multicultural city.


Andrew Saxton


For almost half a century, the NSFF has provided performers of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to show case their diverse talents and cultures through music and dance to a live audience. It is through performances like these that we are reminded of how fortunate we are to live in such a culturally rich and diverse country as Canada. It has been my pleasure to work with the board of the NSFS and to serve as its President these past five years.