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We are all excited to see you at Folkfest 2024.  The programme is on Saturday, June 1, 2024 at Centennial Theatre. Doors open at 6 pm. The show is from 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm. Please bring your friends and family.

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2024: Performers

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Zumba Vancouver
Zumba Vancouver started in 2008 and has been teaching Zumba to people all over the Lower Mainland. Zumba Vancouver has twelve dedicated instructors that teach a fitness class based on various global dance styles.  Combining high energy and motivating music with unique moves and combinations, Zumba allows participants to dance away their worries.  You can find more information about Zumba Vancouver at


AMED Dance Academy
Pooneh is the award winning Artistic Director of the Academy of Middle Eastern Dance (AMED) created in 2004.  She has a Masters Degree of Arts and is a professional performer, Master Instructor, Choreographer, Director and Producer.  She comes from a strong dance background in Middle Eastern, Folklore and Ballet to create a colorful Middle Eastern fusion repertoire.  Combining authentic feeling with modern flair, delighting audiences from all over with her passion, powerful technique and musicality and sense of fun.  She believes there is no dance without real emotions.  Her magnetic presence has made her a favorite with audiences everywhere.

Lei plasir.jpg

Le Plaisir Dance Society
Le Plaisir Dance Troupe started with several Taiwan Chung Hsing University Alumni in 2007 with the intention to perform at the annual Alumni event.  The debut was a success and Le Plaisir has quickly gained fame in Greater Vancouver.  Le Plaisir now has over 60 members from Taiwan and China sharing the love of dance.  With the mission to promote Chinese art, culture and traditions, Le Plaisir has been very well received at various festivals as well as many charity and multicultural events.

Shot of Scotch_Vancouver_0108.jpg

Shot of Scotch Vancouver

Formed in the spring of 2013, Shot of Scotch Vancouver is a non-profit society dedicated to honouring and expanding the Highland dance tradition through performance and education. Shot of Scotch creates imaginative and innovative Highland dance that engages and inspires diverse local, national and international audiences on an emotional level. The company serves as a cultural and arts ambassador based in Vancouver BC, creating community connections and opportunities that allow adult Highland dancers to thrive beyond their competitive careers. 

Under the Artistic Direction of Susan Nase, Shot of Scotch Vancouver strives to create new, exciting, contemporary dance pieces while maintaining a high standard of technique, as well as remaining true to the deep Scottish roots of the centuries old art form of highland dance. Shot of Scotch Vancouver has a full annual calendar of public performances across the lower mainland and has been invited to present original choreography internationally, performing alongside top calibre artists from across the globe at Tartan Week (New York City, USA 2018), the Nanchang International Military Tattoo (Nanchang, China 2017) and the 8th International Body Music Festival (Paris, France 2016).

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Kavital Dance School of Bharata Natyam and Kathak
Alka Goel-Stevens and Shelina Virani had a vision 37 years ago to open up a dance school where they could pass classical dance art to people in the Lower Mainland.  They opened the doors of Kavital Dance School of Bharata Natyam and Kathak in January 1987 and began their journey to teach Bharata Natyam and Kathak to people wanting to learn the dance and culture of India.  Bharata Natyam is a classical dance style from South India which is over 2000 years old.  Kathak is a classical dance style from North India which is over 800 years old.


Theresa Odishaw

A long-time resident of the North Shore, Theresa says she cannot remember when she first began singing.  Her love of the classics began early on performing with the Southern Region Opera Company in England.  Singing has remained a constant in her life.   She has performed in many local events including the honour of singing of the National Anthem for this Folkfest in 2019!

Vancouver Pars.jpg

Vancouver Pars National Ballet  (VPNB )

Vancouver Pars National Ballet (VPNB) was established in 1989, with a vision of both enlightening and interacting with all communities nationally and internationally. VPNB is committed to preserving and perpetuating the fragile tradition of Iranian folklore dances in an endeavour to project how art can interconnect communities.

Our goal is to enrich the lives of our participants and spectators.  This group utilizes dance as one of the most effective tools of communication and understanding with all the diverse cultures in Canada.  Creating a profound interest in the hearts of innumerable young artists and trainees is the most satisfying and rewarding criteria of this group.  We believe a healthy body incorporates a healthy soul.


Vuk Veterans.JPG

Vuk Karadzic Veterans Ensemble

The Serbian Folklore Ensemble Vuk Karadzic – Veterans was founded in 1970 with a goal to keep the Serbian tradition and culture alive through the best possible way: music and dance. The group has been together since 2010. The Artistic Directors are Vladimir Ilic and Maja Ajdanic

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Bhangra Club: Queen Elizabeth Secondary School, Surrey

The Bhangra Club at Queen Elizabeth Secondary School in Surrey was founded over five years ago by passionate high school students. The Bhangra team embodies dedication and excellence in this vibrant dance form from India. Run entirely by students, the Bhangra team has carved their mark in the Bhangra community by consistently placing in every competition they have entered. With relentless energy and unity, this team continues to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Bhangra while leaving a legacy of success on every stage they grace.

Vancouver Okinawa Taiko 2024.jpeg

Vancouver Okinawa Taiko

Vancouver Okinawa Taiko has been performing in numerous festivals, charity functions and anniversary events for just about two decades. The group's aim is to promote and preserve Okinawan style drum-dancing Eisa, and to share Okinawan cultural heritage. The membership consists of a mixed generation to reflect the presentation of grassroots folk art. We hope to deliver the Okinawan spirit through the beat of our drums and harmonies of our dance.

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The Spirit of the South Seas

The Spirit of the South Seas – Hula Halau Na Keiki ‘O Ohana Lokahi, is an award-winning North Shore group, who promote inclusivity & cultural awareness of all people. Their many performances include dancing at the PNE, Kitsilano Showboat, Caribbean Days Festival, Greek Festival, Canada Day events;  and many other community events. They have been privileged to perform in what are now considered historic events:  Air Tahiti Nui 2005, Expo ’86, major multi-cultural festivals North Shore, Grey-Cup half-time show, the Pope’s 1984 visit, Lotto Canada draw, telethons, 1976 Montreal Olympics, opening of the Vancouver Art Gallery, 1977 Premiers’ Conference, Prince Phillip’s 1978 Children’s Festival among a few. Their inclusiveness of dancers who range in age from 5 to 91 - from keiki (children) to tutus (grandmas) continue to wow audiences in public & private events.


Folk Misteria

Folk Misteria is a vibrant ensemble of six women, united by their love for Bulgarian culture and dance. Founded just two years ago, the group has honed its craft in interpreting a range of dances from Mizia (Northern Bulgaria) and the Shopska area surrounding the capital city of Bulgaria - Sofia. Through their performances, they aim to transport you to the heart of Bulgaria, where each costume stands as a testament to Bulgarian artistry and each step and movement tells a story of hardships, resilience, dreams, unity, and celebration. 


Nori Akagi Percussionist
A drummer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and music healer based in North Vancouver. He plays solo, duo, trio, band, and collaborates with a variety of artists.

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