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Gruppo Italian Chorus.jpg

Gruppo Folcloristico Trevigiano / Gruppo Italian Chorus

In 1998, Tarcisio & Lina Boffo’s dream came true. Finally, here in Vancouver, in their adoptive land, a Folkloristic Group is born. This group has definitely been a positive step in keeping alive the culture and tradition of the native land Trevigia-no-Veneto and to help others less fortunate. The ultimate commitment of this group is to please others through song and for the members of the group to enjoy themselves while sharing their culture

Eagle .jpg

Eagles Song Dancers
Spakwus Slolem, (translated,"Eagle Song Dancers), are members of the Squamish Nation. Geographically located in what is called the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Our traditional territory being the Howe Sound, Vancouver to Whistler area. The Squamish have lived and utilized this area for over 10,000 years, having history traced back to the Great Flood, and an Ice Age.
We are a Coastal people, people of the cedar longhouses, of the great sea-going canoes, the racing war canoes, People of the Salmon. Our colourful history speaks of things of legend, of deeds of certain members of the Smylaith Tribe (Sasquatch), legends of the Animal Kingdom(i.e., The Raven, Seagull and Sun), which brings out Teachings of our Squamish People, the History of Takaya, the Wolf Clan, one of our Squamish Family's History.
Director : Bob Baker

Le plaisir pix 6.JPG

Le Plaisir Dance Troupe 
Le Plaisir means pleasure in French. This name truly reflects the group's compassion and dedication to bring out "Truth, Virtue and Beauty of Life" through their performance. Le Plaisir Dance Troupe started with several Taiwan Chung Hsing University Alumni in 2007 with the intention to perform at the annual Alumni event. The debut was a success and Le Plaisir has quickly gained fame in greater Vancouver. Under the leadership of Ms. Jane Wang, Le Plaisir now has 50+ members from Taiwan and China sharing the love of dance.  With the mission to promote Chinese art, culture and traditions, Le Plaisir has been very well received at various festivals as well as many charity and multicultural events.  


AMED Dance Academy
Pooneh is the award-winning Artistic Director of the Academy of Middle Eastern Dance (AMED) created in 2005.  She has a Masters Degree of Art and is a professional performer, Master Instructor, Choreographer, Director and Producer.  She comes from a strong dance background in Middle Eastern, Folklore and Ballet to create a colorful Middle Eastern fusion repertoire.  Combining authentic feeling with modern flair, delighting audiences from all over with her passion, powerful technique musicality, and sense of fun.  She believes there is no dance without real emotions.  Her magnetic presence has made her a favorite with audiences everywhere.


Rio Samaya Band
Pancho and Sal share ethnic and folkloric South American music with their soul, love and passion. Known in Vancouver as troubadours since 1985, they tour Canada and the world. Pancho and Sal's music beats to the natural pulse of our planet. They are multi-instrumentalists and together they create a gentle and compelling sound.

Vancouver Okinawa Taiko.jpeg

Vancouver Okinawa Taiko
Vancouver Okinawa Taiko has been performing in numerous cultural festivals, charity functions, sports tournaments, and anniversary events for over the last 15 years.  The group’s aim is to promote Okinawan-style drum-dancing eisa and to share Okinawan Cultural Heritage.  Okinawa is located in the southern most island of Japan.  Our membership is made-up of several generations to reflect this grassroots folk art.

Dovbush Dancers pix 2.jpg

Dovbush Dancers
Dovbush is a highly-trained Ukrainian Folk-Stage dance ensemble that brings to life the beautiful art of Ukrainian dance. Dovbush operates under the auspices of the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians, an organization which has been an integral part of the Ukrainian community in Vancouver for over 90 years.

Kavital Dance pix 3.jpeg

Kavital Dance School of Bharata Natyam and Kathak
Alka Goel-Stevens and Shelina Virani had a vision 34 years ago to open up a dance school where they could pass classical dance art to people in the Lower Mainland.  They opened the doors of Kavital Dance School in January 1987 and began their journey to teach Bharata Natyam and Kathak to people wanting to learn the dance and culture of India.  Bharata Natyam is a classical dance style from South India which is over 2000 years old and Kathak is a classical dance style from North India which is over 800 years old.

Na Keiki Polynesia pix 2.jpg

Na Keiki Polynesia
The “Spirit of the South Seas – Hula Halau Na Keiki ‘O Ohana Lokahi” is an award winning group on the North Shore for over 50 years. Their many performances include PNE, Kitsilano Showboat, Kay Meek Theatre and Presentation House on the North Shore; QE Theatre Vancouver; and Shadbolt Center for the Fine Arts in Burnaby, Air Tahiti Nui, major multi-cultural celebrations, such as Iranian, Korean and Chinese New Year, Caribbean Days, Serbian, Italian and Japanese Festivals. They have also been honored to perform for the 1995 Grey-Cup half-time show, Expo ’86,  Pope John’s 1984 visit, Lotto Canada draw, telethons, ’76 Olympics, opening of the Vancouver Art Gallery, 1977 Premiers’ Conference, Prince Phillip & Prince Andrew’s visit in 1978, hospitals, seniors homes and numerous private & public events. .  In the true spirit of Aloha, which their name celebrates, they welcome everyone to join them in their dance, song and music. Their mission is to entertain you while promoting cultural awareness for all people.

SV dance.jpg

SV Dance
SV Dance is a Multicultural Folk Dance group that hopes to share their love for culture with their audiences.  They bring energetic performances representing Latin America, the Middle East and the Caribbean, with a fun modern twist.  Director Sofa Sanchez is a dancer who works for Arts Umbrella and World Dance Co., originally from Venezuela.  Sofia specializes in Venezuelan Tambores, Joropo and Belly dance as well as Middle Eastern Folk.  From being a Creative Dance instructor for young dancers at AU to Belly dance and fitness instructor with World Dance Co., Sofia hopes to inspire and empower women, children and migrants through her work.

Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy.jpg

Al Mozaico Flamenco Dance Academy
Mozaico Flamenco has been a moving force in the world of flamenco and Spanish dance for over 40 years. It is led by master dancer Kassandra "La China" Its mission is to provide students with the very best training by integrating dance, music and culture. Through dramatic dance movement, students find their personal expression. Flamenco offers a rich transformative experience and life long journey of discovery, challenge and development.

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